I’m Michael Garlin

Speaker & Coach

My Services



Entertaining stories with practical outcomes.  Inspirational, Energetic and Funny.  Leave feeling passionate about your place in the world.

Individual Coaching

Taking you from where you are today and finding the “it’s” that keep you fulfilled


Accountability Groups

A group of people who share their goals and support each other in reaching them. We accomplish this through listening, humor and most of all with a huge heart in driving what needs to get done.

About Michael

Waking up everyday with a purpose, being his authentic self, with a smile on his face. Michael will bring his values along with him as you work together in creating the new YOU. Reliable, compassionate, creative all with a sense of Family and Humor. Leading from where you are in the moment.

Michael Garlin brings 30+ years of experience in working with individuals and teams in achieving personal goals and objectives. Focused on helping others reach their full potential. Radio Host, Author, Comedian and passionate in making people smile, laugh and create the fulfillment that we all seek in our lives.

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